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Things to Do in Madrid

Reina Sofia Madrid
Image: CanadaGood (Creative Commons)

1. Things to Do in Madrid: Centro de Arte de Reina Sofia
The Reina Sofia is Spain's premier modern art gallery. It's prized possession is La Guernica, Picasso's most famous painting, but there's much more to see besides that

Image: Tnarik (Creative Commons)

2. Things to Do in Madrid: Enjoy the Madrid Nightlife
Madrid is famous for its nightlife. And with its neatly compartmentalised nightlife zones, you'll find something for everyone if you know where to look.
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3. Things to Do in Madrid: Take a Day Trip
Madrid is blessed with some of the greatest day trips in Spain. Which one should you choose? The history of Toledo? The aqueduct and fairy tale castle of Segovia? Avila and its spectacularly well-preserved city walls and turrets? The twin marvels of El Escorial's monastery and the tragic yet magnificent Valle de los Caidos. Whichever you decide, you won't be disappointed.
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Plaza Mayor
Image: Damian Corrigan

4. Things to Do in Madrid: Plaza Mayor and Madrid de las Austrias
Madrid and Salamanca compete for who has the nicest Plaza Major (main square) in Spain. Around this area too you'll find excellent bars and cafes, plus the opera house and royal palace.
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Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid
Image: Damian Corrigan

5. Things to Do in Madrid: Santiago Bernabeu
Real Madrid are Europe's most successful soccer team. Santiago Bernabeu is their home. Getting to see a match here is cheaper than seeing the equivalent club in, say, the UK. Alternatively, take a tour of the museum and hallowed turf.
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Image: Aranarth

6. Things to Do in Madrid: See a Bullfight at the Ventas Bullring
A lot of bullrings in Spain are more like tourist attractions than places for true bullfighting aficionados. Not so Madrid. The Ventas bullring in Madrid is where the most hardcore of bullfighting fans can be seen every week, watching the very best bullfighters. Of course, bullfighting is not for everyone, but if you're interested, this is the best place to try it.
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Image: Chusoart (Creative Commons)

7. Things to Do in Madrid: Lavapies, Huertas and La Latina
These neighborhoods to the south of Puerta del Sol are Madrid's most diverse. Featuring an eclectic mix of immigrant communities and trendy Spaniards, a wander around these parts of Madrid is an essential part of your trip. More: Madrid's Districts

8. Things to Do in Madrid: Try Chocolate con Churros
Spain's famous breakfast and late night snack is at its best in the San Gines Chocolateria in Madrid.
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El Prado, Madrid
image: Ruth L

9. Things to Do in Madrid: El Prado
The Prado is Spain's most visited tourist attraction. Madrid's answer to Paris's Louvre, the Prado has a colossal collection of classical art. If Spanish artists are your passion, this will be the highlight of your Madrid trip. More about El Prado in Madrid

El Retiro, Madrid
Image: danjc003

10. Things to Do in Madrid: El Retiro
Few capital cities have such a huge park in their center. Retiro is (literally) a breath of fresh air in Madrid. Take a boat out on the lake, catch some rays or go round to the monument (behind the lake and join the hippy drumming at the weekend.

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