Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Have you recovered? Tulisa arriving at Heathrow from Miami after a vibrator started buzzing in her bag at check-in
Tulisa has told of her embarrassment when a sex toy started vibrating in her bag at the airport check-in.

The X Factor judge was on her way home to London from Miami when the device went off.

Despite being left red-faced, the 23-year-old decided to tell her 1.6 million Twitter followers about the incident.

I'm back! The X Factor star looked happy and tanned as she arrived at Heathrow in jeans and leopard-print shoes

She said: 'Most cringe moment of my life..checkin in 'Mam..ur suitcase is vibrating..can u open ur case n turn what eva that is off'..just kill me.'

She then revealed there was a Rampant Rabbit inside her suitcase.

'It was so embarrassing when it went off buzzing in my bag,' she told The Sun.

And she insisted: 'I only bought it as a present for a mate, but the joke ended up on me.

Are you ready for me? Tulisa has been working on her debut album in Los Angeles and Miami

But sex toys aren't likely to come pre-package with batteries included.

The star was seen giggling like a schoolgirl in the aisles of a sex shop a month ago.

The shop assistant was seen holding up a sex toy for the cameras in the Hollywood store Hustler, as Tulisa and her PA Gareth Varey.

She revealed she was a fan of the battery-powered toy.

In a series of tweets while she was in Los Amgeles, she invited her single followers to cuddle up with a 'wabbit' on Valentine's Day.

She wrote: 'Happy valentines day uk.. all u lovers, I wish u a romantic day... 2 all my singles, hook up wid ur girls n go home 2 ya wabbit! Yeziirr."

Perhaps newly-single Tulisa was ready to experiment under the sheets, having ended her 18-month romance with N-Dubz bandmate Fazer in January.

How rude! The star was seen giggling like a schoolgirl in the aisles of a sex shop a month ago
The couple are believed to have separated after her persistent quest to pursue fame interfered with future plans to settle down and get married.

Tulisa looking happy and tanned as she arrived at Heathrow Airport on Sunday, wearing jeans and leopard print shoes.

The star has been working on her debut album in Los Angeles and Miami and is expected to join the judging panel again on the next series of X Factor this year.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Is this the most embarrassing wedding moment ever? Video captures bride's skirt falling down as she walks down the aisle.

It is supposed to be the happiest moment of her life. The bride walks radiantly down the aisle as her guests look proudly on and photographers bustle around to capture her special moment. 

But as she walks towards the garlanded arch to the tune of ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ her day suddenly turns more bitter than sweet.

Oops!: The bride trips dramatically, falling forwards - while her photographers capture every moment

Unfortunately for the bride, the cameras keep rolling and her photographers go in for a close up.

Her guests stay motionless - presumably dumbstruck - except for one blonde-haired friend who rushes over to help usher the bride out of the room.

Hoax? For some reason the bride chooses to step out of the skirt altogether as she runs out of the room

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Secret Army volunteer's widow blames VA for spouse's death.

Veterans who became Army guinea pigs for secret drug and chemical experiments are suing the VA, the CIA and the Defense Department. In this U.S. government photo, Wray Forrest is seen on the far right in 1973 while participating in the program at Maryland's Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center.

(CNN) -- "I promised Wray I would never give up the fight." It was a wife's final pledge to her dying husband, who was once identified as Medical Volunteer No. 6692 at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.

In 1973, Army Pvt. Wray Forrest spent two months at Edgewood as a volunteer human test subject in a top secret Cold War research program studying chemical and biological weapons.

His widow, Kathryn Forrest, says those tests were his undoing.

During his time at Edgewood, Wray participated in at least five different tests. In one, Kathryn says he was given high doses of Ritalin. In a deposition he gave before his death, Wray described the effect it had on him.

"It wound up making me want to do things very rapidly and in a rushed manner," he says in the deposition. He says he was "wound up like a golf ball teed off in a tile bathroom. Bouncing off the walls."

Ritalin is a Schedule II drug -- a class of drugs considered dangerous and addictive. Large doses can cause dizziness, jitteriness, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, high blood pressure, even sudden death. Wray was injected with various substances at Edgewood, according to court documents. And his story is just one of many.

In fact, from 1955 to 1975 more than 7,000 soldiers each spent two months at Edgewood. Overall, they tested at least 250 different chemical and biological agents.

The names and effects of these substances were largely unknown to these soldier volunteers. According to now declassified government documents, some were exposed to incapacitating drugs like BZ; or to sarin, an extremely toxic, potentially deadly substance that disrupts the nervous system; or to VX, a liquid neurotoxin considered one of the most dangerous chemicals created. Other exposures included tear gas, and hallucinogenics like LSD.

The men were sworn to secrecy and told to never discuss Edgewood Arsenal or the experiments that went on there with anyone.

The Army suspended the research program in 1975.


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