Saturday, September 18, 2010

Behave or eXit

Bosses order strict crackdown and threaten to axe 'wild' wannabes

FURIOUS: Simon Cowell
FURIOUS: Simon Cowell
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ROWDY X Factor finalists have been warned they must behave or face being BOOTED OFF the show.

Fed-up bosses are introducing ten tough new rules to keep the singers - branded a load of "wild animals" - in line after they went on the rampage TWICE during filming.
The crackdown will stop BOOZE BINGES, PUNCH-UPS and SEX ROMPS.
Last night a show insider said: "It may seem far-fetched, but this is the most out-of-control bunch of finalists we have EVER had. If they don't follow the rules they'll be kicked off."
Producers were forced to act after the wannabes damaged a hotel during boot camp and Simon Cowell's Spanish villa at the judges' houses stage.
The News of the World can reveal the rules include tough restrictions on alcohol, no relationships between contestants, or between singers and fans, and zero tolerance on damaging property and drug use.
They will be enforced by show minders and are meant to control the singers when they move into the X Factor house for the live finals.
ROWDY: Boyband The Reason, singer Storm Lee and girl group Hustle
ROWDY: Boyband The Reason, singer Storm Lee and girl group Hustle
The source added: "Some of them have acted like wild animals. After everything that's gone on over the last few weeks, we can't face any more controversy."
Groups such as The Reason, Princes and Rogues, and all-girl bands Dice and Husstle have already been given a dressing down.
And there are also worries about budding romance between contestants Katie Waissel, 24, and Storm Lee, 31.
This week show boss Simon spoke to fellow judges Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue about his concerns.
The source explained: "He has stressed that the reputation of The X Factor is at stake. He wanted the judges to pick based on talent but then ensure the contestants' behaviour improves."
Bosses won't be afraid to ditch finalists if they break the rules. The source said: "If someone misbehaves they will be out. Everything they do is under the microscope. It's being made clear to them exactly what the expectations are and exactly how they should behave. There will be no excuses if they break the rules."
The drastic action comes after singers caused thousands of pounds of damage at boot camp in July.
Riot police were called after 20 finalists went on the rampage at the Premier Inn in Wembley, North London, after a five-hour booze bender. They also stripped naked in public and terrified fellow guests.
Then last month, drunk finalists trashed the luxury villa where Cowell was filming the judges' houses round, damaging a £10,000 Persian carpet and waking him up. He has demanded the culprits pay for the damage.
This follows a scandal last year after finalists got "out of control" in the X Factor house. Psychologists were called into the mansion because some of the housemates were at breaking point after complicated personal relationships developed.
And in 2008, bosses were rocked by a pregnancy scare after a testing kit was found in one of the contestants' rooms.
But show bosses are determined the 2010 series will be different.
An insider said: "In previous years we didn't have any trouble until the contestants started living together.
"This year the behaviour has been bad from such an early stage.
"They're a trouble-making bunch so if we're not careful who knows what they could get up to."

10 golden rules

1. No getting drunk
2. No sexual relationships between contestants
3. No leaving the house without permission
4. Lads and girls must stay apart overnight
5. No pornography in the house
6. Zero tolerance on damaging property
7. Zero tolerance on drug use
8. 24 hour-a-day security surveillance
9. No relationships with X Factor fans
10. No overnight stays for contestants' boyfriends or girlfriends during live finals.



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