Saturday, September 25, 2010

The healing begins on 'Grey's Anatomy''

 "We're all fine. Everything's fine."
But everything was not fine.
The horror of what the Seattle Grace doctors went through on the "Grey's Anatomy" season finale reverberated through Thursday night's premiere. How could it not? Their friends and colleagues were shot and killed before their eyes. And every time one of the shocking scenes replayed on the small screen, it was hard not to feel the jolt again.
No wonder Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Karev, Lexie and everyone else was having such a hard time readjusting to being back at work. Little Grey freaked out in front of patients, and Mark had to have her committed. Cristina would do nothing but flip through bridal magazines as she planned her wedding to Owen. Karev pretended nothing was wrong, pleased to have a bullet just under the surface of his skin. ("Chicks dig that crap.") Derek ran with the adrenaline of surviving being shot, acting recklessly and finding himself in jail more than once. "Life is short, so now I think less and I just do," he said. And think less he did. He unexpectedly quit as chief while giving a speech to the hospital staff.
Image: "Grey's Anatomy"
And Meredith seethed as one by one, the counselor cleared her fellow surgeons to operate, but refused to give her the OK. The more her friends began to do whatever they could to heal, the more upset she seemed to get, trying to get everyone to see they were not ready to be back. "We are not better," she insisted.
Perhaps not all better, but they were on the path to getting there, and the wedding of Cristina and Owen was a stop along the way. Cristina, who was once terrified of Owen and what his PTSD might lead him to do, now had someone who understood what she is experiencing and could help her move forward.
As for Meredith, happy as she was to finally see how perfect Owen was for her best friend, she's now alone in her dark, twisty place.



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